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Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 360 is a political subdivision of the State of Texas located approximately 22 miles northwest of downtown Houston and approximately four miles north of US Highway 290. The District is bordered on the west by Telge Road, on the southwest by Huffmeister Road, and on the northeast by Grant Road. The District contains approximately 774 acres of land.

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 360 (“The District”) is a municipal utility district created by an order of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, now known as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, dated November 12, 1993, under Article XVI, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution, and operates under the provisions of Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code, as amended, and other general statutes of Texas applicable to municipal utility districts. The District, which lies wholly within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston (“Houston” or the “City”), is subject to the continuing supervisory jurisdiction of the Commission.

The District is empowered, among other things, to finance, purchase, construct, operate and maintain all works, improvements, facilities and plants necessary for the supply and distribution of water; the collection, transportation and treatment of wastewater; and the control and diversion of storm water. The District may issue bonds and other forms of indebtedness to purchase or construct such facilities.

District Map

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Board Members

The District is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five (5) Board members elected by the registered voters of the District, who manage and supervise all affairs of the District. Board members must either own property within the District or be a registered voter within the District. Each Board member is elected to serve a staggered four (4) year term. The District’s current Board members are as follows:

  • Michael Ted Hill, President, Term Expires: May 2026
  • Jerry Charles Adam Jr., Vice-President, Term Expires: May 2026
  • Carolyn Gandy, Secretary, Term Expires: May 2026
  • Antony Levinson, Asst. Secretary, Term Expires: May 2028
  • David Mynatt, Asst. Secretary, Term Expires: May 2028



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